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Improper passing and auto accidents

Motor vehicle collisions have many causes, including reckless driving, speeding and getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. However, improper passing is another serious problem that motorists need to keep in mind.Whether a driver cuts off another vehicle while abruptly switching lanes or someone tries to pass another vehicle in an area where passing is […]

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What are the signs of a traumatic brain injury?

Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injuries in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents were the second-leading cause of traumatic brain damage related hospitalizations in the U.S. More than 2.87 million people were hospitalized, died or visited the emergency room as a result of traumatic […]

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When a bicycle accident affects parenting abilities

Many of the different problems that people face after they are struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle are well understood by others, such as the pain associated with an injury or the financial hardships that result from lost wages and medical costs. However, many other problems can come up in the wake of […]

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Street signs proclaiming bicycle rights cause local controversy

Most bicyclists understand they have the same rights and responsibilities on the roads around Phoenix that motorists have. However, bicyclists are much more vulnerable, especially when motorists fail to acknowledge those rights. Even when wearing full safety gear, including a helmet, a rider may sustain serious injuries if a vehicle gets too close.  According to AZFamily, […]

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How safe are bicycle lanes?

Bicycling to work has increased in popularity across the nation, including in Arizona. According to Science Daily, the number of people cycling to work in 12 large U.S. cities increased by 51 percent over 13 years. Beginning in 2009, the number of protected bike lanes doubled every year. Some researchers believed having more cyclists on the road […]

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What are some common bicycling injuries?

Bicycling is a fitness hobby that many people enjoy, but it comes with risks that can cause serious injuries. The National Highway Safety Traffic Commission notes that nearly 900 people lost their lives in bicycle accidents in 2018, with many more injured. The number of deaths and injuries while bicycling can be startling. However, learning the nature […]

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What are my legal rights if a dog bites me or one of my kids?

Arizona has strict laws concerning dogs in public places, and when an animal’s bite causes you or a family member physical harm, its owner may be held liable for any injuries. There are more than 4.7 million dog bites that occur each year across the U.S. As reported by the American Veterinary Medical Association, close […]

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