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Safety tips for commuter cyclists

If you have decided to become a commuter cyclist in Arizona, you are in good company. It is ecofriendly, fun and helps keep you fit. However, it can be hazardous when sharing the road with cars and trucks.

According to Momentum Magazine, following the rules of bike culture, written and unwritten, can help you stay safe on the road.

Focus on the road

Talking on your phone, listening to music at high levels and texting are as dangerous to cyclists as moving vehicles.

Keep both hands on the handlebars and pay attention to your surroundings. A distraction at the wrong moment can change your life forever.

Watch your speed

A bicycle in traffic can be faster than a car. However, treating the bike lane as the express route can create dangerous situations, both with other cyclists and automobiles.

If the bike-lane speed is too slow for your taste, you can consider traveling on the road. The rules for passing are similar to those for cars. Look behind and ahead of you before passing. Give verbal cues, such as “passing on your left.” Maintain room between you and traffic and do not ride too closely to the curb.

Stand out

Drivers often look but fail to see motorcycles and bicycles. Stand out by using a headlight, wearing bright colors and being predictable.

Go with the flow

Follow the same traffic flow as automobiles. If you don’t, you risk surprising them into a reaction that could be deadly.

Wear protective gear

Even the most responsible cyclist may be an accident victim. Wear protective gear that can help minimize the effects of an impact with a car or the pavement.

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