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Improper passing and auto accidents

Motor vehicle collisions have many causes, including reckless driving, speeding and getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. However, improper passing is another serious problem that motorists need to keep in mind.Whether a driver cuts off another vehicle while abruptly switching lanes or someone tries to pass another vehicle in an area where passing is prohibited, this behavior is the root cause of countless accidents.

Examples of improper passing

On its website, the Arizona Department of Public Safety outlines examples of improper passing. The examples include:

  • Drivers trying to pass on the shoulder of the road
  • Drivers using emergency lanes to pass other vehicles

In addition, failure to use signals properly while passing is a serious concern.When crashes are caused by improper passing, vehicles often collide at a high rate of speed, and the likelihood of a tragic outcome is greater. The risk of head-on collisions is especially high, especially around sharp turns or on hills.Sadly, some drivers continue attempting to pass other vehicles improperly because of impatience and aggressive behavior on the road. This is unacceptable, and negligent drivers should be forced to answer for any hardships brought on by their actions.

Taking action after an accident

Recovering from a wreck is very difficult for many victims. Our website covers many topics related to auto accident injuries and the importance of holding reckless drivers accountable. Victims who stand up for their legal rights often gain access to health and financial benefits that help them move forward with their lives.

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