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Grayson Law: A Personal Injury Lawyer Focused On YOU

Few people are prepared for a sudden personal injury. The emotional strain and physical pain can be devastating, not to mention the financial burden involved. 

The good news? You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. However, you’ll most likely need a lawyer in order to get the amount you need and deserve.
At Grayson Law, you’re more than a case number — you’re family. I’ll help you file your personal injury claim and get the remittance you need for a smooth recovery. Need to talk to a seasoned personal injury attorney now? Give me a call at 480-535-9650.

Should You Make A Personal Injury Claim?

If your injury is the result of another person’s negligence, carelessness or inattention, you should file a claim right away.

Grayson Law focuses on the following case types:

Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a crash, you may be entitled to compensation. But filing an automobile accident claim on your own can be time consuming and stressful. It’s best to hire a chandler car accident lawyer and leave this complicated process in expert hands!

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are similar to car accidents. The difference is they involve large commercial vehicles, such as semi trucks. Injuries related to these incidents are usually very serious. Although trucking companies carry insurance, they are reluctant to make payouts to victims. You’ll need a personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf and hold them to their obligations.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident victims typically suffer more severe injuries than car crash victims. Worse still, many insurance companies are quick to blame motorcyclists, instead of the distracted drivers who crash into them. A good attorney can help you file a personal injury claim and prove who is truly to blame.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents 

Like motorcycle accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents are often caused by negligent drivers. Unfortunately, they also result in life-changing injuries. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help you maximize compensation to ease the financial burden of medical treatment.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Falling accidents often cause hidden injuries. Many also have hidden causes. Slippery substances left by a negligent employee, holes in the pavement, and bad carpeting can all cause falls. But it’s not always obvious who’s at fault. A personal injury attorney can prove liability and make sure you get every penny you deserve. 

Dog Bites

When aggressive dogs attack, their bites inflict major muscle and arterial damage. Dog owners may be liable for damages when a canine attack is the result of negligence. But the animal’s owner or the liable party may be difficult to identify. Hire an attorney to help you prove who’s at fault and claim damages. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are many causes of traumatic brain injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered from a TBI due to an accident or fall, you can seek financial support to cover your medical expenses. However, getting the compensation you’re entitled to can be tricky. Speak with a trusted legal advocate who can help you file and win your personal injury claim.

A Personal Injury Attorney In Your Neighborhood

Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Jeffrey L. Grayson. I advocate for injured individuals across the Phoenix metro area.

My goal? To make your recovery process as smooth as possible, while winning you the financial support you deserve. My modus operandi? To treat you like family, with dignity and respect.
You don’t have to go through this alone. Call me at 480-535-9650 or email my office to set up a free consultation today.

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