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Fierce Representation For Truck Accident Injuries

When your injury results from a truck accident, you should be prepared for long-term medical needs and complications. A semi-truck simply has greater force in an accident and the potential for destruction is huge. You need an attorney who knows how to combat corporate insurance companies and can stand up for your needs.

I am attorney Jeffrey L. Grayson. I believe in treating you like family. I care about your needs and your long-term health. You can trust me to fight for your best possible results. I am dedicated and meticulous about the law and hold insurance companies to their obligations. Speak with me today at 480-535-9650.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are required to carry millions of dollars in insurance, and they are understandably reluctant to pay accident victims. A company’s priority is its profit margin. But trucking companies also hold insurance because, often, their missteps lead directly to accidents. Common truck accident causes include:

  • Failure to properly repair engines, tires or other trucking equipment
  • Improper loading of trailers or cargo
  • Mismanaged personnel, especially leading to sleep deprivation or road safety violations

If this or a similar situation causes your injury, you can receive compensation for your care and necessary expenses. This includes compensation for your time away from work.

Your Next Steps Count

The first thing you need to do after an accident is call for emergency services. This includes police and any medical professionals you need. Afterward, prioritize calling an attorney. When you call me, I can start building your case and preserving evidence. I am ready to stand by your side. Send me an email today.

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