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If you’ve ever driven down Interstate 10 during rush hour, you’ve probably seen at least one automobile accident. It’s an unfortunate sight — and it’s often devastating for those involved. 

Car accidents are all too common in Arizona. Take a look at these shocking statistics:

  • In 2018 there were more than 127,000 crashes in the state of Arizona alone.
  • About 53,000 involved serious or minor injuries.
  • 146 people were injured in auto accidents every single day.
  • About every 10 minutes, 1 accident-related injury occurred.
  • 916 crashes were fatal.
  • Every 8 hours and 39 minutes, one Arizonian lost his or her life in an accident.

Car accidents can change your life in an instant. They cause disastrous financial and medical issues. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always willing to give you the full support to which you’re entitled. That’s why it’s important to hire a Chandler Personal Injury Attorney for auto accidents. At Grayson Law, PLLC, my goal is to help you collect the settlement you need and deserve.

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How A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Recover

Recovering from a crash can be a long, traumatic experience. An attorney for auto accidents can help you file a personal injury claim and get the compensation you need to make a smooth and complete recovery.  

You might be wondering, Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?

The answer is YES. Arizona law holds the party most responsible for an accident at fault. This party is liable for any and all damages. 

A settlement can help you pay for:

  • Medical bills and emergency room visits
  • Follow-up care
  • Long-term care, like in-home medical support and adaptive technology
  • Lost work hours
  • Support and compensation for the loss of a loved one

Getting An Attorney For Your Auto Accident Claim vs Filing It Yourself

You might be wondering whether it’s a good idea to hire a car accident lawyer, or simply file a claim yourself. That depends on the complexity of your case. If you do decide to take on “the big dogs” yourself, you should be comfortable with gathering evidence and negotiating.

Keep in mind that many aspects of the claim process are difficult, and you are much more likely to win (and get a larger settlement) when you have an expert on your side.

Here’s how your car accident lawyer can help:

  • Communicate with the other driver’s insurance company.
  • Organize your medical bills and records
  • Work with your health care providers to obtain important medical evidence
  • Organize and present evidence of liability (to prove whose fault the accident was)
  • Organize and present evidence to prove that you are entitled to damages
  • Negotiate with medical providers and other lien holders to potentially reduce liens so you can keep more of your settlement.
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or defense attorney

Make Your Auto Accident Claim Today

If you or a loved one have been injured from a recent collision, it’s important to speak with an attorney for auto accidents, as soon as possible. This allows for ample time to gather important evidence and testimonies for your case. 

At Grayson Law, you’re more than just another case file — you’re family. 
I’m here to answer your questions and help you get the compensation you deserve. Give me a call at 480-535-9650 or send me an email to get started today.

Car Accident Case FAQ

How much is my case worth?

It really depends on a myriad of factors including the severity of your crash, the nature and extent of your injuries, the duration of your medical treatment, the amount of medical expenses and any other damages you might have incurred as a result if the crash (like lost wages or other out-of-pocket expenses). It may also depend on the amount of insurance coverage available.


How long is this going to take?

The length of time for a personal injury claim can vary greatly depending on the nature of the case and the complexity of the legal issues. Most car accident claims resolve within a few months after the victim concludes his or her medical treatment. However, if there are any major disputes and the case needs to be filed in court, the length of the case will be extended, significantly. Cases in litigation can take several months or even years to resolve.


Will I have to go to court?

Litigation, or going to court, is always a possibility for any personal injury case, but most car accident cases settle without the need to file a lawsuit or go in front of a judge.


Do I really need to hire a lawyer to handle my case?

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, then you should hire someone to represent you for your injury claim. Having a qualified injury attorney handle your case will help to ensure you are more fully compensated for your injuries and other damages.


How do I pay for an attorney to handle my case?

Most injury attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means you will only pay an attorney’s fee if you receive a positive outcome (settlement or a verdict in your favor). Put simply, the attorney’s fees are contingent upon the attorney’s success. The fee is usually a percentage of the monies recovered on your behalf and that percentage varies greatly between law firms and attorneys. If you have been involved in a car accident and are considering hiring an attorney, please make sure you read and understand any fee agreement before you sign up with an attorney.


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