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What are some common bicycling injuries?

Bicycling is a fitness hobby that many people enjoy, but it comes with risks that can cause serious injuries. The National Highway Safety Traffic Commission notes that nearly 900 people lost their lives in bicycle accidents in 2018, with many more injured.

The number of deaths and injuries while bicycling can be startling. However, learning the nature of common cycling injuries and how they occur may keep you safe.

Head trauma

Wearing a helmet can prevent serious head injuries. However, helmet failure or wearing a helmet too large for your head can result in a variety of head trauma, including: skull fractures, concussions, broken facial bones and brain injuries. Some of these injuries can cause long-term or permanent damage, depending on the seriousness of the crash.

Broken bones

The impact of a car-bicycle collision can throw you off your bike and into the pavement or another solid object, which can cause broken arms and legs. You could also suffer a broken wrist as your body’s reflexes can cause you to try and catch yourself as you fall. Compound fractures are often the most serious type of broken bone, as the fracture pierces the skin and creates additional trauma.

Spinal injuries

When a vehicle traveling at high speed strikes a bicycle, the force of the crash can cause spinal trauma. This type of injury can result in numbness in the extremities or partial paralysis. In some cases, permanent disability can occur.

Following the rules of the road and wearing protective gear can prevent some cycling injuries. If you have questions about a bicycle injury, contact an experienced attorney.

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