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How an Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help You

Spinal cord injuries can have devastating long-term effects. If you suffer a spinal cord injury, your life might never be the same. You could face a lifetime of physical discomfort, emotional pain, and financial hardship.

Don’t face it alone—our Chandler personal injury attorneys at Grayson Law in Chandler, AZ, are here to help pursue appropriate compensation.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)?

Your spinal cord is a vertical line of nerve fibers and tissue enclosed in your spine. It forms the central nervous system, connecting all your body parts to the brain. When this nerve column becomes damaged, it’s called a spinal cord injury (SCI).

If you or a loved one suffers a spinal cord injury, you could face a lot of pain and discomfort. In addition, spinal cord injuries can have lasting effects on your:

  • Ability to move
  • Range of motion
  • Physical sensations

An injury of your spinal cord can occur anywhere from the base of your skull to the tailbone. Typically, higher spinal injuries are more serious. For example, injuries closer to your head can affect the entire body by destroying your brain’s communication abilities.

The most common spinal injuries include:

  • Contusions
  • Compressions
  • Spinal fractures

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries?

SCIs can have one or multiple root causes. Medical professionals categorize these causes into two events:

  1. Traumatic Events. When an external force damages your spine, it’s a traumatic event. External forces include blows, hits, or punctures.
  2. Nontraumatic Events. When an internal force damages your spinal column, it’s called a nontraumatic event. Infections and diseases are examples of internal forces that can affect your spine.

Many traumatic and nontraumatic events may have severe, long-lasting side effects and legal ramifications. You’ll want to seek legal guidance from a firm like Grayson Law if you’ve suffered a spinal injury in Arizona.

You could damage your spine when you slip and fall or get injured playing sports. However, SCIs aren’t always your fault. You may be eligible for compensation if any of the following causes your spinal injury:

  • Violence: Knives, guns, and other weapons can inflict severe wounds and harm your spinal cord. Sometimes, the criminal is responsible for injuries and owes the victim civil liability. Other times, property owners who don’t provide proper security could be at fault.
  • Car accidents: A collision involving two or more motor vehicles could permanently damage your spine. Talk to a spinal cord injury attorney and pursue compensation if a drunk or negligent driver struck you, resulting in an SCI.
  • Malpractice: If a careless surgeon punctures or severs your nerve tissue, consider filing a claim. Don’t let malpractice go undisclosed and unaddressed.

What Are the Costs for SCI?

You’ll likely face high medical costs for spinal cord injuries now and in the future. SCIs can be severe and often result in permanent damage that requires ongoing treatment. Many spinal injury victims must pay expenses related to:

  • Doctor and specialist visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • Rehab and therapy
  • Disability
  • Lost wages

These expenses can accumulate over your lifetime and leave you and your loved ones in financial distress. Depending on your age, the injury’s location, and severity, you could pay millions throughout your lifetime. Even expenses related to a relatively minor SCI can reach $1 million in your lifetime.

When we think of SCI costs, we usually think of medical and living expenses. However, spinal cord injuries affect more than just your financial wellbeing. You may deal with long-lasting emotional pain, physical hardships, and other intangible losses.

By hiring an experienced attorney in Arizona, you can get help with these spinal injury costs. You can take legal action against the at-fault party and pursue a fair settlement. Our lawyers will guide you through the process and assist with filing your injury claim, presenting your case in court, and negotiating the appropriate compensation with an insurance provider.

Other FAQs

How much can you get for a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries can significantly impact your and your family’s life. If you pursue a fair settlement, you could receive anywhere from several thousand to over $1 million in compensation. You’ll want to discuss your claim with a spinal cord injury attorney to understand your options and what you can expect.

Can you ever recover from a spinal cord injury?

You can recover from a spinal cord injury with proper treatment and therapy. However, many patients never see a full recovery and experience lifelong issues and healthcare-related expenses. For this reason, you should consider legal recourse to potentially help pay for costs and compensate for permanent losses.

What happens if the spinal cord gets permanently damaged?

If you face permanent spinal cord damage, you could suffer from lifelong hardship. Permanent spinal damage includes paralysis (tetraplegia, paraplegia, or quadriplegia), loss of physical sensation, and recurring or constant pain and discomfort. This leads to a lifetime of doctor visits, treatment, therapy, and living modifications.

Get Legal Help for Your Spinal Injury Today

Dealing with the aftermath of a spinal cord injury can be stressful and overwhelming. With an experienced spinal cord injury attorney, you can know your legal options and pursue a fair settlement. Contact our team at Grayson Law at (480) 535-9650 to schedule a free consultation today.

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