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Desert terrain can increase the risk of slip-and-fall injuries

The Phoenix area has a beautiful desert landscape. But the individual pieces of the landscape can lead to accidents.

Rocks and sand, for example, can cause pedestrians to lose their footing and fall in awkward and often painful ways. Homeowners and business owners must do their best to keep errant landscape elements from seeping out onto walkways and driveways, but it is no easy task.

The injuries people sustain from falls can range from minor scrapes to life-threatening injuries. Here are common injuries that outdoor falls can cause. 

Sprains and bone fractures 

To stop a fall, it is a reflex to put out a hand. When people do this, the wrist absorbs a majority of the impact. The most common result is either a wrist sprain or a bone fracture. The weight, height and age of the person may contribute to the severity of the injury. The older the person, the more likely the bone is to fracture. Ankles and knees are also prone to breaking in an outdoor accident. 

Head trauma 

Desert stone and sand are slippery and may cause a person’s feet to go right out from underneath him or her. These types of falls may result in the head impacting the ground. When this happens, there is a chance of head trauma. Anytime the brain suffers from an injury, a person must go through rigorous testing to ensure there is no sign of a traumatic brain injury. 

For further information on the repercussions of a slip and fall, follow the link to our website. 

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