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What affects the number of car accidents in Arizona

The increase of urbanization has led more drivers on the roadways thus increasing the chance of an injury-related accident in Arizona. Certain times of days, months of the year and roadway conditions affect the number and frequency of accidents. These conditions also affect the amount resulting in fatalities and injuries.

The Arizona Department of Transportation issues an annual crash report. For 2018, there were 916 fatal crashes out of a total of 127,056 in the state. The month of October and Friday afternoons between 4PM – 5PM are the peak times for accidents. Fatal accidents tend to occur most often on Saturdays and between 8PM – 9PM. Speeding seems to be the most common reason for the accident to occur.

An injury caused from a driver speeding or drunk can cause problems for the victim years after the initial accident. With 28.73% of all accidents resulting in injuries, about 7% have suspected serious injuries. The number of injury crashes has gone down since the peak in 2016. With the highest urban population in the Phoenix area, there are naturally more crashes in the area.

The Population Reference Bureau says that worldwide the number of road traffic accidents has increased. Driver impairment including being tired, alcohol influenced, excess speeds, compromised visibility and drug influence can negatively affect the driver’s ability to avoid an accident.

The PRB site’s rapid population growth, poor road maintenance, poor road conditions and rapid motorization as key barriers to decreasing motor vehicle injuries and fatalities. Keeping drivers aware of what causes accidents can help decrease the number of motor-vehicle injuries.

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