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Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer after a car accident in Gilbert? 

If you’ve been a victim of a serious car accident, you’re probably thinking about your next steps. You’ll need to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, add up all of your expenses, and attempt to receive a fair settlement. However, another step to consider is hiring a car accident lawyer. 

Many car accident victims benefit from the knowledgeable guidance and legal assistance personal injury lawyers provide. Read on to learn a few instances in which you may benefit from hiring a car accident lawyer. 

You Experienced Severe Injuries

Car accidents can often produce severe, life-changing injuries. If you experienced significant injuries from your car crash, hiring a lawyer can be highly beneficial. 

Your lawyer can help you secure adequate compensation to cover your accident’s medical expenses and property damage. They can also take the responsibility of the insurance claim off your shoulders while you take time to rest and recover from your injuries.

You Are Dealing With Multiple At-Fault Drivers

Car accident cases can get messy quickly when more than two drivers are involved. Arizona follows a comparative negligence policy, meaning that all drivers involved in a car accident can receive a percentage of the blame. For instance, the police report may state that you were 20% responsible, another driver was 30% liable, and another driver was 50% responsible. 

Even if you were not responsible for the accident, you will need to navigate a complex insurance claims process. You may need to submit claims with several insurance companies and keep track of which evidence you’ve provided to each company. 

However, a car accident lawyer can help you navigate complicated car accident cases involving multiple at-fault drivers. Your lawyer can communicate with all of the insurance companies and drivers on your behalf and ensure that you provide the appropriate documentation to each. 

The Insurer Isn’t Offering Enough Money 

Sometimes, insurance companies fail to offer adequate payouts in car accident cases. However, your car accident attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to attempt to increase your payout offer. 

Your attorney can gather evidence, such as medical bills and repair estimates, to submit to the insurer to show how much money your accident is worth. They can put their negotiation skills to work to reason with the insurer and help you receive sufficient funds to move forward from your accident. 

You Want to Sue the At-Fault Driver

Severe car accidents can often lead to life-altering injuries and even wrongful death. Sometimes, receiving an insurance payout isn’t enough to move forward from these accidents. Instead, you may also decide to sue the at-fault driver. 

Suing the at-fault driver can help you secure a car accident settlement on top of the insurance payout. Additionally, if the driver participated in reckless or egregious behavior to cause the crash, you can sue for punitive damages to effectively punish the driver. 

A car accident attorney can help you determine whether to sue the at-fault driver. If you decide to begin a lawsuit, they can help you navigate the process and represent you in court as well. 

You Need Help Navigating the Claims Process

Finally, you may want to hire a lawyer simply to help you through the insurance claims process. 

Many people go decades without needing to submit an insurance claim. While the process can be straightforward in some cases, in others, it involves time-consuming documentation and hours of collecting and filing evidence. 

If you experienced a severe accident, you may not have the headspace to navigate the insurance claim. Instead, you can trust your car accident lawyer to handle the process for you. 

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